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Golden Eagle , Aquila chrysaetos, Aigle royal
Golden Eagle , Aquila chrysaetos, Aigle royal
Laser-cut acrylic and archival pigment on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, also available as a print
27.75 x 22 inches | 70,5 x 55,9 cm

Status: Special Concern Quebec, Endangered New York State

As one of the largest birds in North America, Golden Eagles are extremely powerful and agile. They can reach up to speeds of over 240km/h when they dive for their prey. Golden Eagles use their speed and sharp talons to hunt animals such as rabbits, marmots, squirrels or even smaller birds.

Golden Eagles are very sensitive to disturbances near their nests. They have suffered many years from human persecution such as illegal shooting and trapping. These problems have been reduced in the recent decades but other human activities are a constant threat such as collisions with wind turbines or chemicals and toxins introduced into their food chain. Currently, the Golden Eagle and its habitat are protected under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act.

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