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Least Bittern, Ixobrychus exilis, Petit blongois
Least Bittern, Ixobrychus exilis, Petit blongois
Laser-cut acrylic and archival pigment on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, also available as a print
15 1/4 x 18 in or 38,9 x 45,7 cm

Threatened in Canada and New York State, Least Concern in the USA

This diminutive member of the heron family has a preference for nesting near pools of open water in relatively
large marshes that are dominated by cattail and other robust emergent plants. Its breeding range extends from southeastern Canada through much of the eastern U.S. Information on the population size and exact distribution
of this secretive species is somewhat limited. Nevertheless, the best available evidence indicates that the population is small (about 3000 individuals) and declining (> 30% in the last 10 years), largely owing to the loss and degradation of high-quality marsh habitats across its range.
Source: |www.sararegistry.gc.ca › files › sr_least_bittern_0809_e|