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Americas' Folly with 6 performers, Washington DC
3 min

Americas’ Folly performance on August 28th at the Art Museum of the Americas located across from the Washington Monument. It was the main event of Art After Dark, with 800 people attending.The description of each dress was sung by a Soprano and Jazz singer on French Baroque music.
Since 2010, I have made dresses with unusual materials that address some of these issues. By wearing the theme, the body brings attention to the issues in an unexpected way. Each dress has a specific theme. One addresses the decline of the animal population data published by the World Wildlife Fund, another overfishing, and oil dependency by accumulating plastic containers which end up forming plastic continents. Increasing social inequalities and over consumption of natural resources are two areas which are highly related, according to a new study commissioned by the NASA Goddard Flight Center (2014). This study concludes that our civilization may collapse within a few decades due to chronic overuse of land resources, climate change and rising inequality. According to the International Monetary Fund, rising inequalities is not conducing to sustainable growth (Lagarde, 2014).