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air quality, Louisville, horses, health, silver lining stables, environment, wearable, interactive, socially engaged art, performance
The Air Quality Dress at Silver Lining Stables, Louisville Kentucky, 2017
Photograph, edition 1 of 6 + 2 A. P. Archival pigment print
20X30 inches

Artist is wearing the air quality dress escaping downtown Louisville, Kentucky, which has a C rating for air quality thanks to transportation, power plants and being in the bowl that is the Ohio Valley. They are keeping alive the great relationship we once had with horses when one horse power was all we needed. Artist is interacting with three American Saddlebred, featuring Toby, which was acquired at an auction which is generally run by kill buyers who buy horses cheap and send them out of the country for slaughter. Toby has gone on to win numerous horse shows with children.

The Saddlebred was referred to as the "Horse America Made".