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air quality, health, wearable, interactive, south bronx, asthma, environment, environmental justice, socially engaged art
The Air Quality Dress Under the Bruckner, South Bronx
Photograph, edition 1 of 6 + 2 A. P. Archival pigment print
20X30 inches

Artist is wearing the air quality interactive wearable as she is walking through the sinister underpass of the elevated Highway 87, the Bruckner, which divides Mott Haven from Port Morris, where condominium towers are being built. There is a plan to «beautify» the underpass but there is no plan to improve the air quality in the area which has the worst hospitilization rate for Asthma in New York.

The heavily rusted car is a symbol of the gas engine vehicle era which we should be transitioning away from. City workers happened to be on the spot and are working in conditions which are not conducive to billiant breathing.